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Fast X is the 10th part of the Fast & Furious franchise, it’s beyond belief to expect how these movies have progressed from their respectful dawn. Kick-off as a story about a cop going undercover into a road racing gang that is dragging off a series of grabs of electronic devices, the franchise has fundamentally set off about superheroes tasked with saving the universe several times with eye-catching motor vehicle stunts. But hey, it’s been an entertainment ride to get to where we are and die-hard movie fans are expectedly thrilled to view what’s upcoming with Fast X.

That affection is loden taking into consideration Fast X is the inaugural of what is actually billed as a two-part ending to the series that has now bridged additional than 20 years. What recline is in store for Dominic Toretto, Letty, Roman, Tej, and the rest of your dearest Fast & Furious personality? In this article, we offer every single thing that we gather about Fast X.

Fast X release date

The extremely-awaited Fast X trailer will eventually be publicized on Feb 10, as Vin Diesel, the film’s superstar, had been intimating its impending release. Because Fast X is the tenth part of the Fast and Furious series and the terminating one before Dominic Toretto and co. are contemplated to have finished their story, the date doesn’t appear like a destiny. Fast X has a planned release date of May 19 in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the mass of the rest of the universe getting it besides that day or a couple of days too sooner. Tickets are now available for purchase.

Fast X trailer

The extremely-awaited trailer for Fast X has appeared, with as ample giant-adrenaline action as you could fantasize for. So watch the almost four-minute trailer right here:

Meanwhile, the production and makers have been releasing updated trailers for all of the foregoing parts. View the nostalgic trailer of the original Fast and the Furious below:

Fast X cast

The most-awaited cast list was publicized with the corroboration of filming, as it would not be an accurate finale without the comeback of the mass of the family. For the tenth part, Fast X will bring the pivotal Toretto family back in conjunction. Given that Fast & Furious 9 went off without a jerk, it’s clear that Dom, acted by Vin Diesel, is back, joined by plenty of intimate faces.

Sung Kang’s stocking comeback as Han, across with Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Ludacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster as Mia, Charlize Theron as the villain Cipher, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey, attached to the family’s expanse. Scott Eastwood has been long-standing to comeback for Fast X as Little Nobody, but is it to take on the role of Mr. Nobody or is it proof that his boss will also be coming back?

Previously we discuss all the intimate faces, and there are a few stimulating new inclusion to the Fast & Furious family. The latest casts are Jason Momoa as the villainous Dante. According to official news, Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, and Daniela Melchoir are going to play secret roles.

Fast X Poster

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Fast X Budget

As we know numerous highly paying actors shared the same screen for the previous seasons of Fast and Furious. Then you can assume how much can be budgeted in this series. According to Wikipedia, the production team of Fast X confirmed that a total of $340 million was cost to make this movie.

Fast X Storyline

The entire Storyline is based on an action-thrilling plot. Where Dom Toretto and his family on the top of numerous missions and in opposition to impractical odds, have outwitted and outdriven each and every foe in their way. Currently, they must challenge the mass deadly rival they’ve ever faced. Charged with revenge, a horrifying ultimatum appears from the shadows of the past to burst into Dom’s universe and destroy each and everything and everyone whom he loves.

IMDB Reviews

After a great dramatic performance in the previous part, it seems to be covered the Hollywood industry is back on track as Vin Diesel comeback to the big screen with his old charisma with Upcoming Fast X. We can view Vin in a never-seen-before avatar with a scary character. So this movie will create a great impact on the box office collection. So one of the great ott platforms in the universe, IMDB gives this movie 4.9 reviews out of 5.

When Fast X will Release in India?

According to the statement from the production team, Fast X will release in India on 19 May 2023. So are you a die-hard fan of Fast and Furious and want to view this movie in cinemas then book your ticket in Book My Show.


Is Fast X include two parts?

Fast X may be the last part of the Fast and Furious franchise but it won’t be done with just one movie. The film is going to be broken into two parts.

Will Brian be in Fast X?

Yes, according to all odds, Dom Toretto’s son Brian will take part in Fast and Furious 10.

When Fast X will Release in India?

According to the statement from the production team, Fast X will release in India on 19 May 2023. So are you a die-hard fan of Fast and Furious and want to view this movie in cinemas then book your ticket in Book My Show.

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